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Corporate M&A and Restructuring

Legal service in corporate M&A and restructuring is one of the core practice areas of S&P Law Firm. S&P has successfully participated in a number of complicated M&A and restructuring deals on behalf of many well-known domestic and international clients and is very familiar with the difficult and very challenging issues related to such deals, including arrangement for employees and management, off-book or potential liabilities, obligations for social insurance, original unusual custom/practices or arrangement, and industrial compliance etc. We have the advantages and capabilities in these areas to provide factual information and legal analysis necessary for our clients to make decisions on their operations and development.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Legal advice on industry access policies

Taxation plans and arrangement

Legal DD investigation

Design and preparation of transaction plans

Examination and draft of and negotiation on transaction documents

Issuance of legal opinions upon the request of the clients or the regulatory authorities

Assistance in examination and registration at the governmental authorities

Transaction execution and subsequent integration