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Bank and Non-bank Finance Business

S&P provides professional legal services to the central bank, all kinds of commercial banks, policy banks, cooperative banks, joint-stock banks, foreign banks, trust and investment companies, asset management companies, finance companies, securities companies, insurance companies, fund companies, futures companies, bonding companies, leasing companies and other relevant financial entities engaging in finance business. Since its inception, S&P has successfully avoided and resolved the investment risk for many Chinese and foreign famous companies so that their outbound investment can be made in an orderly and controlled manner. S&P also undertakes all kinds of financial services innovation research projects, assists banks to examine, manageand recover their loans and convert their bad debts, helps the enterprises plan and implement various financing programs and participates in various litigations and arbitrations in connection with venture capital and investment fund management, agency credit, settlement, security and claims.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Permanent legal advisor for financial institutes

Financial leasing both home and abroad

Issuance of bonds and debentures, including short-term financing securities, middle-term notes, corporate bond, financial debentures and other debentures

L/C and various financial instruments

Legal services for establishment of banks and non-bank financial institutes, market entry of foreign financial institutes, participation and investment by foreign banks in China

Establishment and opening of commercial banks and listing of their shares

Structural financing like asset securitization

Dealing in financial futures, options and other derivative products

Disposition of bad assets, debt and asset restructuring, investment and M&A of financial institutes

Restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation of financial institutes

Shareholding reform of urban and rural credit cooperatives and rural small-scale financial institutions

Legal services for trust-related mortgage and pledge

Establishment, operation and M&A of trust companies

DD investigation for and establishment, operation and liquidation of trusts

Draft and revision of trust deed and other trust documents

Establishment, operation and M&A of finance companies of enterprise groups

Legal and other compliance examination, and risk identification and prevention system for financial institutes

Establishment, operation and M&A of automobile financial service companies

Legal support for new entrusted financial products

Disposition of legal matters like financial innovations and other related legal disputes

Draft, revision and examination of standard templates for financial institutes

Commercial loans, policy loans, syndicated loans, import and export credit, project financing and financing for real estate and other trade