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Foreign Investment and M&A

Foreign Investment: S&P lawyers in international business are very experienced in providing legal services in the areas of foreign investment. They help clients address the various business and operational needs that arise from project development and day-to-day operations to help them understand the laws of China and the invested countries, avoid investment risk and achieve investment objectives.
Foreign Acquisition: As foreign direct investment is gradually biased towards mergers and acquisitions, S&P lawyers, by virtue of their advantages in the area of M&A, provide advice in all the aspects of the foreign direct investment (FDI). At the stage of FDI entry, foreign investors can enter the market through the acquisition of the existing Chinese companies. We enable the clients to obtain a large number of experienced employees or gain access to existing sales channels in the shortest possible time through our system design and arrangements, thus, helping them to win the advantage of time to seize the greatest business opportunities. For companies that have been established in China, they can reorganize, expand or re-adjust their existing business through various forms of mergers and acquisitions to assist their strategic development and provide the best mode and structure for their follow-up operations.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Advice on industrial access policies

Establishment of sino-foreign equity or cooperative joint ventures

Establishment of regional headquarters of the multinational companies

Establishment of foreign investment/holding enterprises

Advice on control of foreign exchange and import & export

Capital changes and commercial loans for FDI

Reinvestment of FDI enterprises

Advice on labor and social insurance

Advice on taxation matters

Selection of target companies and feasibility analysis

Design and optimization of transaction structure

Preparation of transaction documents and assistance in transaction negotiation

Advice on governmental examination, license, record, registration and exemption and handling of relevant formalities

Assistance in closing of transactions

Post M&A integration

Establishment of FDI wholly-owned subsidiaries and representative offices