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Dispute Resolution

Domestic Civil and Commercial Litigations and Arbitrations: S&P lawyers have participated in the various civil and commercial litigations heard in the Supreme People's Court of China, the High People's Courts and the Intermediate People's Courts of different provinces and districts in China and accumulated rich experiences in evidence collection and organization, design of litigation plans, preparation of different legal documents and attendance of court hearing. S&P tries to ensure the lawful rights and interests of its clients by coordinating various resources and strengths in its possession.
Administrative Review, Litigation and Coordination: S&P lawyers are acquainted with every chain in administrative review and proceedings and have the requisite rich practical experiences to protect the lawful rights and interests of its clients to the greatest extent possible by delivering the best solutions and addressing the relevant disputes through the fair and just procedures.
Non-judicial Solutions to Disputes: S&P lawyers are very experienced in solving disputes by non-judicial means like negotiation and mediation, and often bring forward creative solutions. In practice, S&P, based on the actual situation of the specific cases and the objective and requirement of the clients as well as its general analysis and comprehension of such cases, brings forward alternative solutions like settlement, mediation and arbitration to better safeguard the interests of its clients.
Legal service for special cases.
International Civil and Commercial Litigations and Arbitrations: International legal affairs involved in various civil and commercial matters have always been an important business of S&P’s international department. S&P handles various litigations, arbitrations and disputes on behalf of its clients and has accumulated a great wealth of experiences in dealing with complicated disputes involving foreign elements.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Pre-trial investigation and evidence collection

Participate in international arbitrations

Enforcement of effective legal documents (including recognition and enforcement of a foreign arbitration award in China)

Application for property preservation

Alternative dispute resolution-negotiation

Application for advance execution

Attendance in court hearing

Application for enforcement of effective legal documents

Mediation and Negotiation

Application for and participate in administrative reviews

Application for and participate in administrative actions

Draft or review of settlement agreements

Represent or assist clients in negotiations

Execute the settlement agreements on behalf of the clients

IP right matters

Anti-monopoly and unfair competition

Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy

Resolution of insurance disputes, especially those related to water, land, aviation, hull and integrated logistics insurance, and general average

Participate in litigations or arbitrations on behalf of the insurers

Road traffic safety

Participate in litigations initiated in foreign jurisdictions