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As for legal services for tax matters, S&P lawyers are able to design the tax structure of the clients, whether before or after their investment, including provision of advice on any bilateral tax treaty and the various legal and tax issues arising from the Chinese tax laws. In addition, S&P also advises its clients on their consolidation/merger with the Chinese domestic enterprises and the tax issues they meet in course of their normal daily operations. S&P Law Firm can not only design the optimum tax structure for the transactions of its clients in China, but provide advice on the bilateral tax treaties involving in their cross-border and oversea transactions, including the tariff, business tax, income tax and other taxes and levies. S&P can communicate with the PRC General Administration of Taxation and the local taxation bureaus of the provinces and cities on behalf of the clients to provide the optimal taxation design for the clients’ business framework, reduce the tax burden on clients' transactions and protect the best interests of the clients. In 2010, S&P established strategic partnership relationship with the China’s largest tax accountant firm –Unitax.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Optimize the tax structure of the clients’ business transaction, project operations and layout

Provide legal advice on policies and tax matters encountered by the clients in their operations, such as tariffs, resource taxes, VAT, business tax, personal income tax, corporate income tax, tax incentives and other tax issues

Communicate with the taxation authorities regarding tax matters on behalf of the clients

Assist the clients in handling the tax cases and other disputes