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Labor Law

With the deepening of China's labor and employment system reform, legal services concerning labor relations have become a new growth point of the lawyers. S&P’s labor law management team is specialized in this field and can work out internal labor management policies tailored to its clients in line with the clients’ needs to help them understand the legal obligations and protect their rights. S&P pays attention to maintain close contacts and communication with relevant business association, governmental agencies, legislative and judicial organs and experts and scholars, to elevate its legal service levels. Meanwhile, standing on China’s legal environment, casting sights on the employment development histories and legislations in other countries, S&P is trying its best to provide practical and prospective legal service schemes for the employers.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Assist the clients to work out an overall scheme and system for their labor relation and HR management

Assist the clients to prepare individual and collective employment contracts, training agreement, non-competition agreement and confidentiality agreements

Assist the clients to formulate the employee handbook and the corporate internal rules and policies

Change of identification of the employees in restructuring of state-owned enterprises and main – auxiliary separations, personnel arrangement and compensation

Personnel transfer, dismissal and placement in corporate reorganization, bankruptcy and liquidation procedures

Matters related to labor protection, social insurance, work-related injury and occupational diseases

Settlement/handling of labor disputes