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International Trade and Maritime Commerce

International trade: With China’s accession into WTO, the number of legal matters regarding multi-lateral trade soared and the Chinese domestic enterprises are confronted with new tests in the context of an intensively competitive world. S&P international trade team is familiar with not only the Chinese maritime commerce laws but also the rules of international trade and has greatly improved itself in the numerous litigations it has dealt with in the field of international trade. We have excellent performance in terms of international commodities, sale of goods, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures, or maritime transport and insurance. While highlighting its characteristics and maintaining its dominant position in domestic practice of law, S&P has received new vitality for its future development due to the development of its international business.
Maritime Commerce: Most of S&P lawyers proficient in marine affairs have received their education overseas and are proficient in foreign languages and able to use several languages to review and draft documents, provide legal advice and participate in negotiations so as to offer professionalized legal services to our clients in the areas of international freight, logistics and trade. These lawyers are familiar with the theoretical and practical links of the maritime commerce and know well the need and interest of the clients, which enables them to accurately judge and identify relevant risks and provide prompt professional advice to the clients that right fits the need of such clients.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Export and import contracts

Legal services related to coastal transport

Debt collection both home and abroad

Dispute regarding marine insurance contracts

Draft or review of L/C

Trade financing and delivery against bank guarantee

Charter, B/L, maritime fraud, ship seizure, shipment, warehousing, cargo seizure

Matters related to commodity inspection, foreign exchange and customs

Customs protection of intellectual property rights

Maritime fraud

Charter party disputes (voyage, term and bareboat charter party etc.)

Application for procedure for interpellation of maritime liens

Comprehensive logistics, warehouse receipts pledge

Shipping agents and freight forwarders

Compensation disputes regarding ship collision

Dispute regarding general average

Maritime claim preservation (preservation of maritime evidences and ship arrest)

Application for and enforcement of marine injunctions

Establishment of Limitation Fund for Maritime Claims and the auction of the ships and/or cargo involved

Foreign trade agency contract

Ship trading, mortgage, registration, construction, financing and financing leasing

Oil pollution and environmental damages

Port Operation

Air, railways and land transport and international multimodal transport

Dispute regarding crew employment contracts