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Securities and Capital Market

S&P is one of the first law firms approved by the Ministry of Justice and the China Securities Regulatory Commission to engage in legal services for the securities and capital market and advise on the domestic and foreign listed projects, refinancing projects, domestic and foreign private equity and other securities transactions. S&P has acted as legal counsel for China's first batch of GEM listed companies and participated in the most extensive, complex and difficult bankruptcy and reorganization work ever in China as a special legal adviser. We have taken the lead and maintained a wealth of practical experiences in the area of restructuring, listing, reorganization and mergers and acquisitions of domestic and foreign enterprises, which not only lays a sound foundation for our successful operations and wins over a number of solid clients, but helps us gain a high reputation in this area.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Pre-listing restructuring and reorganization

Refinancing of the listed companies (including the financing instruments like stocks, convertible debentures and depository receipts

M&A, takeover, divisions, significant asset restructuring, listing, suspension of listing and delisting of listed companies

Spinoff and repurchase of the shares of listed companies

Corporate governance structure of listed companies

Design and preparation of the incentive scheme for the management and ESOP

Continuous post-listing information disclosure

Establishment and management of securities companies

Establishment and assets management of securities investment fund

Corporate bonds and debentures

Bonds and debentures of enterprises

Financial bonds

Short-term financing bills

Pre-listing private financing

Domestic and oversea IPO