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Comprehensive Legal Services for Urbanization

Comprehensive legal services for urbanization (CLSU) which have been staged vigorously by S&P Law Firm have presently become one of its core practice areas. The CLSU team of S&P (hereinafter “CLSU Team”) has introduced experiences in legal risk prevention, land requisition & demolition, real estate development and corporate restructuring and governance into the reform of urban villages, and summarized and adopted a set of relatively mature solutions and procedures for legal risk prevention for renovation and construction of new urban villages. In the past several years, the CLSU Team has fully participated in several urban village reform projects in Fengtai, Changping and Chaoyang Districts in Beijing and properly handled hundreds of actions related to such reform, which not only protects the lawful rights and interests of the government, the villagers and other relevant subjects, but safeguards the lawful and orderly urban village reforms. The comprehensive legal services for urbanization provided by S&P Law Firm covers the whole process of the urban village reform and the urban-rural integration.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Legal services in relation to the primary land development

Formulation of policies for Shantytowns reconstruction projects, housing demolition for projects, housing requisition projects, rural homestead vacation and compensation project, new rural construction projects, housing demolition for urban village renovation project, demolition (vacation and compensation);
Preparation of relevant compensation agreements and resettlement housing purchase contracts;
Explanation of policies and dispute mediation at the site of requisition and demolition (vacation and compensation),and assistance in formulation of enforcement measures.

Legal services in relation to second-stage land (including real property) development

Real Estate Development
Residential and commercial properties, resettlement housing project, development of industrial lands in rural areas, including without limitation legal structure for project development and cooperation, incorporation of real estate enterprises, acquisition, sale and transfer of state-owned land use right, presale, sale and delivery of real properties, property management, and merger and division of real properties enterprises or project companies.
General Financing for Real Estate Enterprises
Private investment and financing for real property projects, trust financing for real property projects or project companies, and assets securitization of real property security.
M&A in Real Property
Legal structure for M&A in real property, project acquisition financing, due diligence investigation, preparation and negotiation for M&A legal documents, and handling issues relating to the examination and registration with the relevant governmental authorities and M&A taxes.
Property Operation and Management
Legal and taxation issues regarding property lease and operation, and securitization of real estate assets.

Services in Dismantling Villages and Setting up Urban Communities include the following

Confirmation of the villagers’ ID, arrangement for the overaged and idle personnel and other labor force, social insurance transfer, change and reconstruction of the functions of the relevant institutes.

Services in the Restructuring of Collective Enterprises include the following

Formulation of the structuring procedure and plans, establishment of modernized corporate governance structure, and assets quantization and distribution plans