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Intellectual Property Rights

Patent and Trademark: S&P’s intellectual property department has unique advantages in providing the clients with high quality legal services in patents. Our IP lawyers and agents have dealt with several cases involving patent review, nullification and disputes and provided services for IP strategic design and patent analysis to formulate a comprehensive patent protection strategy for many of our clients. Our IP department also boasts of trademark agents and lawyers who have been long engaging in trademark agency services and able to deliver efficient and professional non-litigation services worldwide in the area of trademark search, application, objection/opposition, review, revocation, obtainment and renewal of relevant certificates, administrative disputes and recognition of well-known trademarks. Meanwhile, we are able to provide legal services in complicated litigations involving trademark infringement and conflict between the enterprises’ names and the relevant trademarks.
Copyright and Integrated Circuit Layout Design: S&P’s intellectual property lawyers have long and rich experiences in the field of IP legal services and some of them have double educational backgrounds in both law and science & technology. In accordance with the entrustment and authorization of the clients, we can handle the matters related to the application for and design, registration, transfer and license of and solve the legal disputes arising from the clients’ copyright and integrated circuit layout design.
Franchise: Some of S&P’s lawyers are well versed in franchise-related legal affairs and have accumulated a wealth of experiences in the construction of franchisees and assistance to existing franchisees to expand their franchise system, thus providing first class, efficient, comprehensive and quality services to our clients.
Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets: S&P has a wealth of practical experiences in anti-unfair competition that can help multinationals deal with all kinds of complex legal issues they may face when reaching horizontal and vertical agreements with suppliers, clients and competitors, and is able to deliver advice on the monopoly and competition issues faced by the clients in the context of abuse of dominant market position and other unfair competitions. We are able to provide legal advice to clients in terms of price, exclusive trading arrangements, licensing, joint ventures, geographical restrictions, recommended retail prices, price discounts, rebates and promotional grants. Meanwhile, S&P provides guidance with respect to filing and acceptance of cases involving trade secrets so that our clients may conveniently and expediently seek for remedies through administrative or legal proceedings.
Information Network, Domain Names and E-commerce: S&P provides legal advice on the information network and e-commerce issues from the commercial and regulatory point of view. We provide services to telecom operators, service providers, content providers and undertakings engaging in internet infrastructure, telecom and broadcasting. We provide advice on various issues including access arrangements, licensing, outsourcing, e-commerce, advertising, logistics and intellectual property, and analyze the legal implications brought by the changes in information technology, industry evolution and government regulations. We provide services regarding the remedies for infringement upon trade secrets as well as templates for protection of trade secrets so as to help the enterprises set up standardized and rigorous trade secret protection system based on their actual situations.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Design, formulation, risk diagnosis of the enterprises’ patent strategy, and investigation and research on the analysis of patent strategy and R&D of the enterprises

Legal advice on the policies on franchise and the construction of the franchise framework

Investigation into the subject qualification, credit situation and operations of the franchisers or the franchisees

Various disputes in course of performance of the franchise contracts, and the trademark infringement or disputes caused by a third party unfair competition

Participate in unfair competition cases related to false ads and promotions

Unfair competition cases related to restriction or improper charges imposed by the agencies

Protection of trade secrets, and litigation involving trade secret infringement

Litigation involving domain name and network related registration, related network communication rights and network-related database rights

Litigation involving domain name cyber squatting, domain names and business names

Plan design for E-commerce and the relevant disputes

Legal services related to network copyright, database technology protection, rights management information, domain name and e - commerce

Patent related domestic and foreign applications, request for review and/or nullification of patent, patent litigation, patent license, and patent pledge and transfer

Strategic planning, diagnosis and management program of the enterprises’ trademarks

Trademark application, search and investigation; trademark review; recognition of well-known trademarks; trademark infringement, and trademark-related litigations

Legal advice on matters related to patents and trademarks

Litigations related to the ownership or transfer of copyright, and legal affairs related to copyright or neighboring rights and copyright trade

Legal affairs related to the publication of news, books, newspapers and periodicals, investment and production of and broadcasting organization rights with respect to the performances, audio and video, film and television works, and live theaters

Legal affairs related to creation, use and network communication of database and computer software

Applications for registration, protection of and litigations involving layout designs of integrated circuits