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Oversea Investment and National “Going Out” Strategy

With the implementation of the “Going Out” Strategy of China, the economic cooperation between China and foreign countries has witnessed great increase, including oversea investment, project contracting and labor cooperation. A number of enterprises began to explore the oversea market and gained success based on their strength and hard work. But, it is noteworthy that, the Chinese enterprises going out overseas are faced with many risks, like political, commercial and cultural risks, but the biggest risk comes from the legal aspect. The S&P international lawyers are proficient in the laws of the relevant countries and the international rules and able to help the clients to familiarize with the international rules and practices and the legal system and culture of the countries where they intend to invest so that they can make standardized investment and scientific decisions and prevent and sidestep the legal risks. S&P can help its enterprise clients to set up standardized corporate governance structure and to act in strict accordance with the rules of the oversea capital market so as to avoid the potential losses caused by their mistake in decision making.
The legal services provided by S&P are (including without limitation) the following:

Investigation of the legal environment of the investment target countries

Draft of transactional documents

Full assistance in commercial negotiations

Advice on the governmental procedures for examination, record and registration

Coordinate the local intermediaries overseas

Resolve the conflict of laws of different jurisdictions

Provide legal opinions on special issues

Provide special trainings on the laws of the investment target countries

Oversea takeover

Oversea listing (direct or backdoor listing)

Oversea investment (including establishment of enterprises)

Oversea project contracting

Oversea reverse merger

DD investigation for oversea investment projects

Design of transactional structure